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Mandatory 2011 Gear List
Subject to change (as of March 31, 2011), (July 22, 2011 change)

While Mountain Biking:
* Mountain bike w/26 to 29 inch wheels max. (no cyclo-cross bikes with road bike type handle bars)
* ANSI or CPSC approved bike helmet (riding without your helmet equals a DQ)
* Spare inner tube (3 per team)
* Repair kit and multi tool (1 per team)
* Tire pump/CO2 (1 per team)

While Canoeing: (canoes are provided. NO personal canoes.)
* PFD's and Paddles will NOT be provided. You must provide your own coast guard type III PFD and your own paddle.  A limited number of PFD's and kayak paddles will be available for rental.  Note: Canoes will not have a middle seat

While On Ropes
* Cycling helmet
* Leather gloves (any full fingered leather work gloves will do) (bike gloves are ok)
* Gear will be provided; you provide your cycling helmet & gloves.  No personal climbing gear

Gear to be carried at ALL times by EACH person:
* Knife w/ 1.5 inch min. blade length
* Water-resistant jacket (a poncho is not a jacket, in case you're thinking that)
* Whistle
* Emergency space blanket
* Running/Hiking Shoes (not carried while on foot)
* Compass and second team safety compass

Gear to be carried at ALL times by ONE person on each team:

* First aid kit- Contents to include the following as a minimum:

> (3) 4"x4" gauze pads
> (1) roll of medical tape
> Antibacterial ointment or cream - 1/2 ounce minimum.
> 3 inch Ace Bandage
> (2) safety pins
> (10) painkiller tablets (Acetaminophen, aspirin etc...)
> (10) anti-inflammatory tablets (Ibuprofen etc...)
> 4 ounces Sunscreen (15 SPF min.)
> Duct Tape- 3 Yards
> Minimum of Two (2) Black Sharpie Permanent Markers (medium point recommended)

* Primary cell phone for use in the event of injury or emergency only. (suggested in a waterproof case)
* Secondary cell phone for use in the event of injury (need depending on route selection, details to be provided at pre-race meeting)
* Personal ID (1 each) to be carried at all times.  With your ID; you should include relevant medical information for medical personal.
* Waterproof map case (1 per team) (zip-lock bags are NOT recommended)

Suggested/Optional Items:
* Clothes suitable for bushwhacking

NOTE: We will have unannounced gear checks during the race, so be prepared.





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